Friends Found, Dollars Raised

It has almost been a week since our Spring Friendraiser and as the dust settles there is time to reflect on the experience. We are new in a community that supports lots of amazing nonprofits and we were not sure what to expect when we opened the doors to the Ute Indian Museum and invited the public to come hang out with us. Montrose is full of big hearts that want to protect public lands and preserve the ways we all play outside. We are thrilled to call them friends.

A shout-out to all of our donors for the auction items. We are grateful for your willingness to jump in and support us. We witnessed a lot of happy faces leaving with items at the end and were thrilled with the money raised.

Our membership grew dramatically at the event and the word is out that we have a membership program. We welcome everyone to the team.

We gathered #MyBlackCanyon stories and loved learning about grandfathers that were former superintendents of the park, first dates on the rim, and hopes for big fish on a Red Rock Canyon adventure later this summer. We encourage everyone to share their stories online (use #MyBlackCanyon on your social media) and whenever you bump into one of us out and about. Stories connect us all back to that place and to each other.

It was exciting to share news of our projects with those in attendance. The Trail Ambassador Program will get volunteers on the trails with information and friendly faces. The Tent Pad Project will raise funds to build tent pads at all three campgrounds over the next three years, which will improve visitor sleeping bag nights and protect vegetation. And the Kids at the Black Project will give local youth a chance to find their favorite way to enjoy the park. We are grateful to those that specifically gave dollars to each of these projects.

We learned last Friday that we are not alone in wanting to help Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. There are lots of friends who will help us. That is a very good feeling and we move forward charged up to do all we can to preserve and protect the park and the unique relationship it has with the surrounding communities.

To all who came, who shared, who donated, who will join us–thank you!


thank you

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