We are always looking for ways to help the park but we have three ongoing projects that we are really excited about and want to spread the word. Please consider getting involved.

Trail Ambassador Program

Actively recruiting and training volunteers!


We are currently recruiting enthusiastic individuals willing to give up some of their time and put on their hiking boots for the park. Volunteers will be trained by park staff on park history, trails, resources and keys to communicating with visitors. They will then be asked to hike the various trails on the South Rim. The trail ambassadors will provide hikers with with information on what to expect on the trails and suggestions for success, verify permits where required, and generally be friendly faces out and about. It will be a great way to spend time in the park.

Tent Pad Program

Actively fundraising and seeking resources.

We are currently raising funds for a project to install/replace tent pads in all three campgrounds at the park. Each tent pad will cost $1150 to build and we have a goal of building 87 of them over the course of the project. Tent pads provide a better sleeping surface for our tent guests and protect the vegetation and landscape by limiting the impact of tents in a campsite. Donated funds will support the acquisition of materials for building the tent pads and the use of a youth corp to build out the campgrounds in Summer 2020 and 2021.

Kids at the Black, coming soon

Kids need to connect to the park and have opportunities to foster their own experiences and those of others. We strive to give them access to different speakers and activities in the park and surrounding communities. Be it art in the park, dark sky adventures, climbing talks, or snowshoe treks — we want the kids to love the park and be the next generation of friends. We are looking for community partners to help us in this endeavor.


To donate to any of these projects, click on the Donate and Be a Friend page. To volunteer, contact us and let us know you are interested.

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